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transferring knowledge effectively



Our mission is to help organizations improve strategically by examining their business processes to become more effective and efficient.




We believe in creating customized solutions for our partners by providing tangible methods to become better, smarter, and faster.  




We are passionate about helping others develop and are certain that your organization will fit into a category we support. 


Ware Consulting Services, LLC is  a minority, woman owned entity incorporated in the State of Georgia, and domiciled in Albany, Ga.  Our focus is business process management (BPM) where we provide entities a tangible and systematic approach to making their workflow more effective and efficient to accomplish their organization's goals.

We understand that each organization is different and may require different options to meet their needs. As a result,  we  provide customized solutions to connect businesses to the resources required via implementation of a needs analysis or personalized training and development courses.


PO Box 51581 

Albany, GA 31703


toll-free phone and fax

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