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Our motto is "transferring knowledge effectively."

Research has shown that employers seek to hire and promote individuals in their company that have key skill sets.  Employees not only need to be highly trained in technical skills, but must also master interpersonal and relationship building skills to collaborate and communicate effectively. 

An integral key to businesses prospering is by continuously "sharpening-the-saw" and seeking ways to become better, smarter, and faster.  The best way to do this is by evaluating day-to-day processes and training personnel. 

The customized solutions offered by Ware Consulting Services, LLC connects your business to the resources required via implementation of a needs analysis or by personalized training and development courses designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Business Process Management

Are you seeking ways to make your organization become better, smarter and faster?  Are you having trouble meeting or exceeding your organizational goals?  Contact us to schedule a  needs assessment!  We can provide a customized solution to your workflow through our five step process:

Analysis > Objectives & Strategy Modeling> Execution > Monitoring > Review

Training & Development


Do you have employees  with technical knowledge but lack the "soft-skills" needed to reflect the company image you desire or do you need to enhance the skills of your staff  to make your team more productive?  Contact us to create a customized training solution!  Our courses focus on Customer Service, Personal Development, and Leadership & Management skills.

Community Enhancement


We believe in giving back to the community!  We are willing to partner with organizations that are committed to making our communities better.  We believe in our youth and their potential.  Contact us to discuss opportunities available!  We  provide resume and interviewing sessions, motivational speeches, community support and much more! 

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